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Triple summit hike to Freel Peak, Jobs Sister, and Jobs Peak, the first-, second-, and fourth-highest peaks in the Tahoe area (Mt. Rose is number three).  This loop route is probably the easiest way to bag all three peaks in one day. All three peaks are on the Tahoe OGUL Peak List.

Requires a high-clearance vehicle to reach the trailheads in Horseshoe Meadows on NFS road 51, but the very bad place on the road last year has been improved and isn’t a problem. This route goes clockwise from the “upper trailhead” below Jobs Peak, walking down the road first to the “lower trailhead” below Anderson Pass. After reaching Anderson Pass, the route hike follows the Tahoe Rim Trail up to the turn off to the final ascent of Freel Peak.  That gains most of the elevation on well-maintained trails. From the top of Freel it goes peak-to-peak to Jobs Sister and then Jobs Peak on use trails. The use trails between Jobs Sister and Jobs Peak have many forks (marked on the GPS track by waypoints), but most of them end up in the same place. The only tricky route-finding places are the flat parts of the two saddles, where the use trails temporarily disappear (look ahead while descending), and 1/3 mile above the upper trailhead, where intersecting dirt roads obscure the trail (I got off on a dirt road that reconnects to the main road below the trailhead parking area, but I edited the GPS route to reflect where the actual trail most likely goes). The descent from Jobs Sister toward Jobs Peak is steep decomposed granite (like course sand), but definitely easier going down than up!


11.75 mi (5.67 mi uphill, 4.72 mi downhill, 1.24 mi flat)
3700 ft total ascent
8:21:15 total time (7:06:25 moving, 1:14:50 stopped)
0:36:17 pace (1.7 mph average speed)
35.4 difficulty, 61.6 effort