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17 Jul 2016 11:43 pm    Category: Backpacking    

Peeler Lake, Hoover Wilderness

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Backpacking trip from Twin Lakes to Peeler Lake  via Barney Lake Trail  in the Hoover Wilderness, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, and Yosemite National Park.   With dayhike to Buckeye Pass via Kerrick Meadow


30 Jul 2015 11:09 am    Category: Backpacking    

Big Pine Creek

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Summer overnight backpacking trip to Big Pine Creek in John Muir Wilderness, Inyo National Forest, west of Big Pine, California. A hail storm came up just before reaching our destination of Third Lake, then it rained for 16 hours.  Day hike up to Fourth Lake, then departed. Camped the nights before and after at the Big Pine Creek Campground. Using the bear-proof lockers at the trailhead is recommended for any food left behind, but they are small and were packed full.

15.67 mi (6.44 mi uphill, 6.81 mi downhill, 2.14 mi flat)
3100 ft total ascent – 14.7 % uphill grade, 62.4 % downhill grade
1 day 6:38:52 total time (8:40:13 moving, 21:58:39 stopped)
0:33:10 pace (1.8 mph average speed)
29.7 difficulty, 54.8 effort

07 Sep 2014 09:39 pm    Category: Backpacking    

Five Lakes Basin

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Overnight backpacking trip to Five Lakes Basin in the Grouse Ridge Recreation Area.  Parked at the trailhead near Grouse Ridge NFS campground (6-mile dirt road, rough in places).  We camped between three lakes, nearest the biggest one at 6992 ft.  Lovely area with lots of granite and Lakes and great Fall weather.


8.48 mi (3.48 mi uphill, 3.50 mi downhill, 1.39 mi flat)
1600 ft total ascent
1 day 0:08:16 total time (4:32:41 moving, 19:35:35 stopped)
0:32:09 pace (1.9 mph average speed)
15.6 difficulty, 27.6 effort

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