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20 Jul 2014 08:41 pm    Category: Backpacking    

Midnight Lake

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Backpacking trip to Midnight Lake in the John Muir Wilderness, Inyo National Forest, west of Bishop, California. Absolutely gorgeous area. Plenty of campsites on the granite plateau on the south side of the lake. Sunny on the hike in, intermittent rain on the layover day and most of the next night, then morning blue sky on the departure day turned dark as a storm came in. Sleet, rain, thunder and lightning as we hiked out. Drought year and we choose the one week of the monsoon weather pattern.

14.06 mi (5.55 mi uphill, 6.10 mi downhill, 2.13 mi flat)
2100 ft total ascent – 16.7 % uphill grade, 80.9 % downhill grade
2 days 3:36:35 total time (8:41:11 moving, 1 day 18:55:24 stopped)
0:37:04 pace (1.6 mph average speed, 8.5 mph max speed)
33.1 difficulty, 58.3 effort


22 Jun 2014 09:34 pm    Category: Backpacking &Pacific Crest Trail    

Paradise Lake

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Overnight backpack trip to Paradise Lake via the Pacific Crest Trail from White Rock Lake.  The snow has mostly melted, earlier than usual, leaving this area lush and green. Nice views of Old Man Mountain, Basin, Peak, and Paradise Valley on this northern approach to Paradise.   Paradise Lake was beautiful as always.  We had neighbors, but not too close.  The campsite was a bit buggy, but controllable with DEET and nets.  Hiked out on the PCT retracing our steps, except taking the Mt. Lola Trail to White Rock Lake and crossing the dam. There was just a little water going over the spillway at White Rock Lake. The only wildlife seen were birds, fish, chipmunks, and a baby marmot at White Rock.


10.15 mi (4.08 mi uphill, 4.07 mi downhill, 1.86 mi flat)
1350 ft total ascent – 13.0 % uphill grade, 75.1 % downhill grade
1 day 0:24:43 total time (5:20:20 moving, 19:04:23 stopped)
0:31:32 pace (1.9 mph average speed, 7.5 mph max speed)
14.4 difficulty, 26.6 effort

28 Sep 2008 11:59 pm    Category: Backpacking &Hiking    

Grouse Lake / Mokelumne Wilderness Area

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Another great overnight backpacking trip with M., to Grouse Lake in the Mokelumne Wilderness Area, Eldorado National Forest, near Carson Pass (Hwy 88) in California. On the return, took a detour up to the summit of Deadwood Peak, with great views of Roundtop Peak, Fourth of July Lake, and all around.

Trailhead: Park at the boat ramp at the spillway of Upper Blue Lake or on the road nearby. Take the metal pedestrian bridge across the spillway, then turn immediately left to the trailhead (do not go straight ahead across the dam itself).

GPX Track File

14.80 mi (6.23 mi uphill, 6.39 mi downhill, 2.05 mi flat)
6423 ft total ascent (5980 ft descent) – 16.7 % uphill grade, 129.0 % downhill grade
1 day 1:55:34 total time (7:57:24 moving, 17:58:10 stopped)
0:32:14 pace (1.9 mph average speed, 15.4 mph max speed)
35.0 difficulty, 60.6 effort

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