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26 Oct 2014 07:15 pm    Category: Truckee Meadows    

West Keystone Loop

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Loop hike on Peavine Peak from the West Keystone Trailhead. Walked to the Kings Row Trailhead then via the Halo Trail, Crispy Bacon Trail, Bacon Strip Trail, Halo Trail again, then shortcut return down the 4wd road past the Reno “R” mountain monogram. Great single-track trails by the Poedunk trails stewardship group.

8.33 mi (3.94 mi uphill, 3.24 mi downhill, 1.11 mi flat)
950 ft total ascent – 13.0 % uphill grade, 75.9 % downhill grade
3:29:55 total time (3:11:05 moving, 0:18:50 stopped)
0:22:55 pace (2.6 mph average speed, 3.9 mph max speed)
11.8 difficulty, 25.2 effort

19 Oct 2014 08:40 pm    Category: Hiking    

Galena Creek

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Hike in the Galena Creek basin from the Mt. Rose Highway. Lots of aspens just past prime fall colors, but definitely on the calendar for next fall.  We got off on a section of the old Mt. Rose Highway, backtracked to the highline road which crosses a tributary of the creek, then finally found a single-track trail crossing to the north of Galena Creek on the return–it looked like it extends west toward the the Mt. Rose and TRT trails.


5.33 mi (2.35 mi uphill, 2.20 mi downhill, 0.73 mi flat)
950 ft total ascent – 15.5 % uphill grade, 64.0 % downhill grade
3:16:07 total time (2:44:44 moving, 0:31:23 stopped)
0:30:52 pace (1.9 mph average speed)
11.6 difficulty, 21.8 effort

21 Sep 2014 06:37 pm    Category: Truckee Meadows    

Steamboat Ditch

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The King Fire smoke cleared enough for an exercise walk along the Steamboat Ditch trail.


5.10 mi (1.81 mi uphill, 1.60 mi downhill, 1.69 mi flat)
50 ft total ascent (50 ft descent) – 5.3 % uphill grade, 28.5 % downhill grade
1:45:23 total time (1:41:05 moving, 0:04:18 stopped)
0:19:47 pace (3.0 mph average speed, 3.8 mph max speed)
1.5 difficulty, 3.0 effort


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