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The Nipple

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Nice fall hike on a beautiful sunny day to The Nipple (9340 ft) via the Pacific Crest Trail from Tamarack Junction Trailhead on Blue Lakes Road, in Mokelumne Wilderness, Toiyabe National Forest, Alpine County, California. The Nipple is on the Tahoe OGUL Peak List.

7.64 mi (3.34 mi uphill, 3.08 mi downhill, 1.14 mi flat)
1560 ft total ascent – 16.1 % uphill grade, 94.2 % downhill grade
4:49:48 total time (3:41:42 moving, 1:08:06 stopped)
0:28:59 pace (2.1 mph average speed, 10.5 mph max speed)
16.2 difficulty, 31.9 effort

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10 Aug 2013 08:12 pm    Category: Tahoe OGUL Peak List    

Dicks Peak

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Hike and peak-bagging expedition to Dicks Peak from the Glen Alpine Trailhead, Desolation Wilderness Area, Tahoe National Forest, near Fallen Leaf Lake. Dicks Peak (9974 ft elev.) is on the Tahoe OGUL Peak List. A portion of the route from below Gilmore Lake to Dicks Pass is via the Pacific Crest Trail/Tahoe Rim Tral. The spur trail to Gilmore Lake is a short sidetrip.  Class 1 hiking trails except for a  class 2 scramble on final ascent with a short difficult section near 38.9018N,120.1479W—difficult at least on the misleading use trails I happened to follow. Probably staying close to the top of the spine of the ridge is best (between the chute with loose gravel on the left[south] and the ledges and steeper walls on the right[north]). Great 360 view of Desolation Wilderness and Lake Tahoe from the top.

Trailhead: From Highway 89, take Fallen Leaf  Road 5.5 miles to its end near Lily Lake and Glen Alpine Springs.  Fallen Leaf Road is paved but narrow, single-lane with pullouts in the upper portion.  Wilderness permit required (same-day registration at the trailhead for day use). The trailhead is busy in summer with limited parking, so arrive early. 2 hours from Reno.

14.15 mi (6.13 mi uphill, 6.13 mi downhill, 1.81 mi flat)
3470 ft total ascent – 15.9 % uphill grade, 56.6 % downhill grade
8:07:40 total time (6:53:47 moving, 1:13:53 stopped)
0:29:14 pace (2.1 mph average speed)
29.4 difficulty, 53.9 effort

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28 Jul 2013 10:34 pm    Category: Tahoe OGUL Peak List    

Freel Peak from Horse Meadows TH

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Freel Peak  from Horse Meadows Trailhead (on Forest Road 51) via Armstrong Pass and the Tahoe Rim Trail. At 10881 ft, Freel is the highest-elevation peak in the Tahoe Basin. The trail is mostly well constructed and easy to follow, except for a few diverging use trails on the steep final ascent from Freel Saddle to the peak. This route is the closest approach, but requires a 4wd vehicle to reach the trailhead.

Freel Peak is on the Tahoe OGUL Peak List, elevation rank #10.

Trailhead directions: Take forest road 51 from California Hwy 89, 0.8 miles south/east of Luther Pass or 1.8 miles north/west of junction with Hwy 88 in Hope Valley. High clearance with 4WD is required on the dirt forest road to trailhead, with especially deep ruts 0.1 mile from highway requiring 4WD and reconnaissance. If your vehicle can pass that section, it can easily handle the following 3.3 miles to the trailhead.

10.15 mi (4.53 mi uphill, 4.38 mi downhill, 1.14 mi flat)
2700 ft total ascent ) – 16.6 % uphill grade, 47.7 % downhill grade
6:35:25 total time (5:05:22 moving, 1:30:03 stopped)
0:30:04 pace (2.0 mph average speed)
23.89 difficulty, 42.0 effort


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