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12 Jul 2014 08:51 pm    Category: Tahoe Rim Trail    

Relay Peak via Tahoe Rim Trail

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Summer hike to Relay Peak from the Mt. Rose Summit Trailhead on NV 431, via the Tahoe Rim Trail and Galena Falls (upper and lower) on ascent and the Relay Peak Rd on descent. Nice wildflower displays despite the dry year and low water flow at the falls. The trail was crowded as usual to lower Galena Falls, but then we met only a few people on the new T.R.T. trail to Relay Peak. On the way down from Relay Peak along the usually gated service road, we met a convoy of SUVs with well-dressed people headed to a wedding on the ridge.

10.50 mi (4.14 mi uphill, 4.85 mi downhill, 1.41 mi flat)
1800 ft total ascent – 11.9 % uphill grade, 29.3 % downhill grade
6:29:52 total time (4:49:35 moving, 1:40:17 stopped)
0:27:34 pace (2.2 mph average speed, 5.3 mph max speed)
13.2 difficulty, 24.9 effort



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15 Jun 2014 09:56 pm    Category: Tahoe Rim Trail    

Martis Peak

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We intended to hike from Mt. Rose Hwy Summit to Relay Peak, but fled the cold wind up there to do this hike through sheltered forest. Followed the Tahoe Rim Trail from the Hwy 267 trailhead northeast, then the spur to the Martis Peak Lookout. Nice fields of mule ears along the trail. Took the paved Martis Peak Road for part of the return hike.


9.72 mi (4.21 mi uphill, 4.42 mi downhill, 1.00 mi flat)
1600 ft total ascent  - 12.5 % uphill grade, 201.2 % downhill grade
5:01:09 total time (4:03:17 moving, 0:57:52 stopped)
0:25:01 pace (2.4 mph average speed, 47.6 mph max speed)
14.6 difficulty, 30.8 effort



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09 Jun 2013 07:44 pm    Category: Tahoe Rim Trail    

Relay Peak

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Hike to Relay Peak (elev. 10338 ft), on the ridge west of Mt. Rose, from the Mt. Rose Summit trailhead on NV Hwy 431.  The route follows the bike trail and service road on the ascent, then descends via the new Tahoe Rim Trail back to the Galena Creek waterfall on the Mt. Rose trail. The new portion of the TRT is  routed through scenic areas with well-constructed, moderate grades.  Relay Peak via the TRT is a nice alternative to the very popular ascent of Mt. Rose, I only met a few people on the trail even though the trailhead parking lot was packed. The day started hot, 82 F at the trailhead at 11 a.m., but cooled off in the afternoon when a cold front came through with a little rain and (mostly) distant lightning.


10.41 mi (4.81 mi uphill, 3.81 mi downhill, 1.76 mi flat)
1600 ft total ascent – - 12.2 % uphill grade, 31.3 % downhill grade
4:49:46 total time (4:24:18 moving, 0:25:28 stopped)
0:25:22 pace (2.4 mph average speed, 5.2 mph max speed)
13.9 difficulty, 27.3 effort

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