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Paradise Lake

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Overnight backpack trip to Paradise Lake via the Pacific Crest Trail from White Rock Lake.  The snow has mostly melted, earlier than usual, leaving this area lush and green. Nice views of Old Man Mountain, Basin, Peak, and Paradise Valley on this northern approach to Paradise.   Paradise Lake was beautiful as always.  We had neighbors, but not too close.  The campsite was a bit buggy, but controllable with DEET and nets.  Hiked out on the PCT retracing our steps, except taking the Mt. Lola Trail to White Rock Lake and crossing the dam. There was just a little water going over the spillway at White Rock Lake. The only wildlife seen were birds, fish, chipmunks, and a baby marmot at White Rock.


10.15 mi (4.08 mi uphill, 4.07 mi downhill, 1.86 mi flat)
1350 ft total ascent – 13.0 % uphill grade, 75.1 % downhill grade
1 day 0:24:43 total time (5:20:20 moving, 19:04:23 stopped)
0:31:32 pace (1.9 mph average speed, 7.5 mph max speed)
14.4 difficulty, 26.6 effort

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Martis Peak

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We intended to hike from Mt. Rose Hwy Summit to Relay Peak, but fled the cold wind up there to do this hike through sheltered forest. Followed the Tahoe Rim Trail from the Hwy 267 trailhead northeast, then the spur to the Martis Peak Lookout. Nice fields of mule ears along the trail. Took the paved Martis Peak Road for part of the return hike.


9.72 mi (4.21 mi uphill, 4.42 mi downhill, 1.00 mi flat)
1600 ft total ascent  - 12.5 % uphill grade, 201.2 % downhill grade
5:01:09 total time (4:03:17 moving, 0:57:52 stopped)
0:25:01 pace (2.4 mph average speed, 47.6 mph max speed)
14.6 difficulty, 30.8 effort



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PCT from I-80 South

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An out-and-back hike on the Pacific Crest Trail from the Interstate-80 PCT trailhead at Boreal/Castle Pass south. We were intending to head to Azalea Lake and Flora Lake, but missed that side trail on the way out. Found it on the way back, at 39.33717° N 120.33077° W (for future reference).  The PCT is a nice trail past granite cliffs that separate it from the lakes. The snow is all gone, except for one patch near Glacier Pond, and there are just a few wildflowers.

4.29 mi (1.66 mi uphill, 1.92 mi downhill, 0.70 mi flat)
500 ft total ascent – 12.2 % uphill grade, 91.7 % downhill grade
1:55:11 total time (1:51:25 moving, 0:03:46 stopped)
0:25:57 pace (2.3 mph average speed)
5.5 difficulty, 11.3 effort


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